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FB Accounts:

  • Download 15 FB accounts 1 time a day. Up to 450 accounts / month.
  • Specify the country for the account.
  • Select the gender for the account.

    Email accounts:

    • Download 15 email accounts 1 time a day. Up to 450 accounts / month.

    Email database:

    • Get 50.000 lists of email data (specific targeting) per month. This data is not shared on the free Get email data page.
    • During the ordering process, at SHOPPING CART in the NOTE , add special targets for your order such as: 
      • Dog and cat lovers
      • People like shopping
      • The people in Miami
      • People who like to travel
      • Group of people who like shoes
      • etc.
    • Basically, we can accomplish most of the target available on facebook, don't be afraid to set your special target.
    • See details here:

      Warehouse avatar:

      • Data warehouse mining of 200 million avatar. Specify the download avatar with the User ID (UID) list of the FB Account by sending us the UID list. You will then receive your avatar data.
        • Be sure to read the store rules.
        • We recommend you read the recommendations on working with our accounts.
        • We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the selection of proxy shops, programs and other services.
        • When authorizing two or more accounts, use different devices and a proxy.
        • Read the detailed descriptions of the accounts. A detailed description opens when you click on the type of required accounts.
        • Payment for an order might not proces immediately. This usually doesn't take longer than an hour. See shipping rules.
        • Be careful, letters with orders can get into the "Spam" folder.
        • If you still do not receive your order, do not worry,  please contact us for a prompt response.