FB United States. Friend > 200. Random creation date. Fanpage available. 2-FA turned on

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  • Country of account registration: United States
  • FB account linked to email
  • Account creation date: Random
  • An profile picture and other details are added to the profile, the profile is filled. There may be different actions on the account, for example: like, repost, tweets.
  • Phone is not connected (without PVA)
  • Gender can be both male and female
  • Friends on the account: > 200
  • Fanpage: Available
  • 2-FA enabled fb account is very against the banHow to create two-factor authentication (2-FA) here https://getaccounts.net/pages/create-2-fa-code
Format account: 
Login: ID|password|token|cookie|email|pass email|
Review our account login instructions with cookies https://getaccounts.net/pages/guide-login
Account cannot be replaced if:
If the account asks for a photo or phone, then you decide this question yourself. That is, the account asks for the phone, then you yourself bind it to your phone number.
If your account asks for a selfie photo, then you upload your own selfie photo yourself.
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  • When authorizing two or more accounts, use different devices and a proxy.
  • Read the detailed descriptions of the accounts. A detailed description opens when you click on the type of required accounts.
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