1.1. Shop GetAccounts.net GUARANTEES: 

- Technical support is done within 24 hours after the client's request;
- The full validity of the account (within 48 hours after purchase), taking into account all the rules described in Terms of use and make it as link https://getaccounts.net/pages/recommendations;
- Sale of accounts in "one hands";
- Replacing accounts in case of invalidity due to the fault of the store GetAccounts.net. Namely: the account is blocked, the account is deleted, incorrect credentials to login into the account, subject to an ACTIVE guarantee (ACTIVE guarantee = NOT canceled guarantee);
- Refund if an invalid account can not be replaced. Refunds can only be made to the following payment systems: PayPal (We will add other payment systems in the near future).

1.2. When using accounts purchased on the website GetAccounts.net, it is FORBIDDEN:

- Use your original (local, home) IP address;
- Use VPN-services (paid, free);
- Use virtual machines, device emulators, servers (VPS, VDS);
- Use IPv6 - proxy, common proxy, public proxy;
- Log in to 2 or more accounts using 1 device and 1 proxy server;
- Use the program Sobot, proxy service proxymania.ru, instap.ru site.

For 1 account MUST be used 1 private IPv4 proxy server and 1 new device  (at least a new UserAgent and/or a cookie and/or a specialized program).

1.3. The GetAccounts.net store and its employees do not provide the following services:

- Do not engage in training and consulting. We do not work with accounts, so we can not give professional advice;
- Do not provide any other services besides selling accounts and coupons.

1.4. The GetAccounts.net store and its employees have the right to:

- Do not change the initially valid accounts. If you logged into your account and did something to it, and  after that - account blocked, then the problem is most likely on your side;

- Do not refund money for purchased valid accounts. If you were inattentive when choosing a product and, having bought it, you want a replacement or refund, then refund/replacement may be denied.
- Block the customer on GetAccounts.net and do not pay refunds in the following cases:
a). The client spamming on tickets, email or chat
b). The client write negative reviews or comments about the service on third-party resources
c). The client is rude to technical support or uses a bad language.

1.5. If client agree with the rules of the store (at the time of purchase), the CLIENT CONFIRMS that:

- The client has read the detailed description of the accounts;
- In case of prolonged use of purchased accounts, the client will change passwords for them and will independently take care of their security;
- After purchasing the product, all responsibility passes to the buyer;
- In violation of paragraph 1.2. THE GUARANTEE IS CANCELED and the client DOES NOT HAVE any claims to the store GetAccounts.net;
- Client acquainted with all the higher points of the agreement.

Useful information for beginners and those who have problems when working with accounts - https://getaccounts.net/pages/contact

If you have any problems with the purchase, after the purchase of goods or other difficulties associated with this, please contact us.