Below, you can find recommendations for working with all accounts found in our store. Please note that we only register the accounts, so we can’t fully advise you. You can find all the basic information on any questions you might have here, or elsewhere on the internet.

Recommendations for working with any account:

1. Use quality proxies servers.
The problem: if you log in to multiple accounts with 1 ip address, then all of your accounts can be blocked..
The solution: use high-quality proxies servers. Qualitative proxies (ip-addresses) in this case are individual IPv4 proxies servers (Make sure you have exclusive access).
What shouldn’t be done:
  - Do not use batch proxies servers like fineproxy, proxymir, etc.
  - Do not use browser based applications to change the ip with for example: Hola, FreeVPN, etc.
  - You are not advised to use an IPv6 proxy.
Outcome: use high-quality proxies servers. According to the rules of our store - when authorizing 2 or more accounts, you must use different proxies servers.

2. Use different devices when logging into multiple accounts.
The problem: when you log in to multiple accounts from 1 device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.), then all of your accounts can be blocked.
Solution: use various profile programs and services.
What are NOT different devices:
  - Extensive browser window and incognito mode
  - Cleaning cookies in browsers (this is done only once).
  - Different browsers
What are the different devices:
  - Computer, second computer
  - Phone, second phone
  - Special program for entering accounts
  - Changing UserAgent in the browser and other follow-up actions by the browser
Outcome: use different devices or profile programs. According to the rules our store - when authorizing in 2 or more accounts, you must use different devices.
A selection of programs and services for each can be found here: a selection of programs and services

3. Limits and humanlike actions.
The problem: if you immediately start doing mass operations on an account (making thousands of likes, sending hundreds of messages, etc.), then your accounts will quickly be blocked.
Solution: for a less secure operation, you must first perform some common actions that a normal person would do after registering. Example: fill out the page, subscribe to several people, put a few likes, fill out the page, fill in some photos, make a few reposts, comments, etc.

Important: We are not responsible for the developers of programs, services and proxy providers. All accounts are registered by us or our partners with the help of private software (programs that are not available in public access) and proxies servers, which we also raised ourselves (they are also not available in public).

4. What you need to do after buying an account market, an account to advertise or an account to create a group and page.

- After successfully logging into your account, "MANDATORY" upload your photo to the avatar. If there is another photo there, you need to remove it from Facebook! In case of photo blocking, you will unlock your account without any problems.

- DO NOT immediately change the account's first and last name and date of birth in your data. This is done after your account has a certain level of trust, usually after 2 to 3 weeks after signing in to your account for the first time. (if you link your card, then your data on the account and on the card must match - if the data does not match then your account is 99% case, immediately get ban forever).

- No need to wait until Facebook asks you to link the phone, you must first link your phone number, thereby you show that you are a person, not a bot.

- Never delete cookies (Except for the first time deleting cookies before logging in to your account), if you logged in to your account through a browser, then categorically delete cookies - it is forbidden! As if you will be constantly logging into your account using your username and password, then the Facebook bot will immediately block your account in the photo. Reason: The Facebook bot might think that you have several accounts and you clear cookies to log into other accounts and temporarily block your account for verification by photo. This is not an Instagram account for you where you can use multiple accounts, Facebook has strict rules. One ip address or proxy - one account.

5. How to create trust for your FB account by warming it up to advertise, market or create groups and pages.

Before using the Facebook account for advertising Marketplace and for Creating a group or Page, you should warm up your account for at least 1-2 weeks, it will be even better if you warm up your account for 3-4 weeks. Thus, you will protect yourself from blocking your account.

How to warm up your account in order not to block your account.

- You must log into your account 3-4 times every day and be on the site for 10-15 minutes.

- Subscribe to the pages of stars, groups or interesting people. Read the posts of these people, like the post, like the photo, etc. Of course, all this is done in reasonable quantities, you do not need to put likes on everything: posts, photos or comments. 1-2 likes per post, photo or comment are enough.

- Add 2-3 friends whom you know, chat with them. I do not advise adding more than 2-3 friends, and even more so not adding strangers, otherwise Facebook can consider this as spam and block your account for verification by photo.

- Upload family photos and tag yourself or a friend in the photo. Or just upload 5-7 of your photos. Just do not need to immediately upload all 5-7 photos at a time, this is done gradually every day, one or two photos!

Thus, you will show that you are a real person, and from the side of Facebook bots they will not carry out any sanctions.

After you have warmed up your account for at least 1 week (preferably 2-4 weeks), you can use the account for your own purposes.