Need email to create a marketing campaign? You are in the right place 😍

Email database list is provided in Excel file format with the by form:
==> Sort | Name | FB UID | Gender | Birthday | Email | Phone | Location

It will look like this:

You can also check our consumer email data by pasting the UID immediately after the link and typing it into the address bar of any browser. For example: 

Are implementing advertising campaigns on FB? See more: How to create custom audiences with UID for better targeting


Take full advantage of your customer file. 

Your customers are your best asset. Make sure you have the quality data needed to not only reach them but also to market your products or services effectively. Use our UID consumer data processing to:

Basically, we can scan all customer information that Facebook has. Today, we have hundreds of millions of customer email data around the globe. Every day, every hour we work hard to keep our email data new and more. Email data is specifically targeted with a variety of options such as occupation, country, geographic location, gender, year of birth, interests, etc. Important that it is not the free data we are sharing here and is updated every week. Email data is always checked by us and ensures a bounce rate of only 3% - 5% before delivery to customers.

Order now here and Don't forget: During the ordering process, at SHOPPING CART in the NOTE , add special targets for your order such as: 

Basically, we can accomplish most of the target available on facebook, don't be afraid to set your special target ✌ Or have other requirements contact us.

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